Monday, April 20, 2009

Letters to Soren: Month Eleven

Dear Soren:

This is by far the latest I've done any of your letters.  We just got back from a wonderful trip to California to see your aunts and cousins and I'm still recovering.  You were so, so great on the trip.  You were great on the flights and smiled and played with anyone around.  You even were very patient with the drunk lady we sat next to at the gate who wanted to hold you because you were making her miss her grandson.  The flight attendants said that you were one of the happiest and friendliest babies they'd ever seen.  You got so excited when they would come by and grinned like crazy at every one of them.  Thanks for being so flexible and great.  I was pretty worried about such a long flight with you, but you handled it so well.  You even adjusted to a three hour time difference overnight.  It was pretty incredible.  You constantly amaze me with your good nature and flexibility with whatever we put you through.  

Not surprisingly, my family fell in love with you.  You were so sweet and patient when your cousin Carter picked on you.  He was constantly taking your things away from you, and you happily handed him anything you could. You had a great time playing with your cousins' toys and crawling around after them but you were so excited to be home.  You pointed at everything in our house and just seemed so happy to see all your stuff.  You crawled around and loved playing with your toys again.  We kept you up really late that night because we just sat and watched you re-discover your world. 

I can't believe that in a couple of weeks you're going to be one year old.  Seriously.  Where did this year go? How in the world are you so close to becoming a toddler? You crawl like a pro now and have perfected pulling yourself up and down on anything you can.  The down skills were a huge development; for a couple of weeks you would pull up and get stuck, which really frustrated you. But now you pop up and down like you've been doing it for years.  You've also starting cruising along furniture a lot more and occasionally you'll let go and stand alone for a second. You know it is pretty impressive and often clap when you do it.  Another recent development is that you are now able to walk while we hold your hands, so I think walking can't be that far away.  

You're saying several little words and will pretty much copy any sound we make.  You are constantly making noise and I've always known that, but have never been so aware of it as I was on our flights.  I just hope the people around us loved your babbling as much as I do. I love hearing you jabber away while you play with your toys and read your books.  Your little noises just make me so happy.  

You are so fun.  Your dad and I lie in bed talking and you can just hear the big goofy grins we both have on our faces as we talk about how cute you are or the funny thing you did that day.   I knew I'd love being a mom and knew that I'd be good at it, but I don't think I quite understood how much I'd love you and how much fun we'd have being your parents.



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