Monday, April 13, 2009

Update From the Wrong Coast

We're having a great time, despite the constant cousin rumbles and cold sharing. We've gone to the beach, went on a hike along some bluffs, went to a handful of farmers markets (the produce here is almost enough to make me want to move), gone on lots of walks and stayed up way to late talking. Here are some pictures of our recent adventures. I have TONS more that I'll post when we get home.

Soren and me on our hike. It was his first time in a backpack and he loved it. It was so fun to have him up by my head and hear the constant little noises he makes.

Our little city mouse loved his first taste of sand. It stuck to his avocado face and then he rubbed his eyes, but didn't seem to mind- until I tried to clean him off.

Ethan and Carter took over Soren's bath one day. He was a little overwhelmed with all the cousin craziness and didn't last long (as the deer in the headlight look shows.)

One of Carter's daily activities is filling his crib up with balls and jumping around. Soren was more than happy to join him and would stay in there all day.

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logan said...

Wow that sand face is SCARY, but the ball face is one of the best ever. Such a cute kid. I can't wait for you guys to get home, but am glad you're having such a good time.