Sunday, May 10, 2009

Letters to Soren: Month Twelve

Dear Soren:

Happy Birthday Baby Boy! I can’t believe you’ve been around for a year. It may be the impending milestone influencing us, but for the last little while, it has seemed like you’re turning into a little boy.  You’re learning new words every few days; you can say ball, cat, cracker, cup, belly button, baby, dada, mama, banana, peek-a-boo, bye bye, uh oh and blanket- all with varying consistency and clarity.  

You are super into balls right now and love to roll them around and recently started kicking them. Your dad is particularly proud of this obvious proof of your superior soccer skills. All the time when we’re out and about I’ll hear you say “ball” and have to search to find the random ball/ballon/piece of fruit that you’ve spotted.  

It has been so fun to see the world unfold in front of you now that you’re learning how to talk and you can name the things you see. I didn’t even know you knew the word “banana” until you pointed them out in the grocery store a couple of weeks ago. You also LOVE cats.  You love to find them in your books and point them out.  We saw a real cat the other day and you were inthralled.  You just kept giggling and pointing to her and saying “cat.” 

The funniest thing we’ve taught you this month is to smell your feet.  It began when I got you a book with a scratch and sniff stink bug, and you started to remember to smell it each time we turned to that page.  You’ve always thought it was really funny when we would smell your feet and pretend they were super stinky, so I put that all together and abused my right as a parent to make you do funny tricks.  Now if we ask you if your feet stink, you’ll pull one of them up to your nose and smell it. Once you get in a smelling mood, you start to sniff everything.  It is so funny and cute. 

(Sorry about the subpar picture, it is a still shot from a video.)

You’ve also started to pretend to talk on a phone whenever I’m on my cell phone, or even when you find something remotely cell phone shaped.  You hold it up to your neck and babble away.  

This year has been incredible.  You have been a remarkably good natured baby, and for that I am eternally grateful. You are healthy and strong and have always been a good eater and a good sleeper. You are so easy going and flexible. Your charming personality has made our transition into parenthood surprisingly easy. Lets hope the next year is as fun as the last.  I have loved writing these letters to you each month. It has given me the opportunity to look back on what you’ve done and express my love to you in a medium that has always been easy to me. I hope they are a treasure to you like they are to me as they document the most influential period of my life so far.

Our life has changed dramatically in the last twelve months. When I decided it was time to have a baby, the decision was very clear. I knew it was time, and luckily your father went along with it. Your birth came at a dark period in our life, when your father was having a really hard time. It seems pretty clear to me that you were specifically chosen and sent to bring joy back into his life.  It was obvious early on that you have a unique gift of charm and happiness. You love people, and people love you. You have brought more love and laughter into our home than I thought possible. You are so unbelievably cute and charming, and after 365 days of staring at you, I still can’t quite get enough.  I’ve been thinking about your birth this week, specifically our first night spent together. I remember cuddling up in the hospital bed just looking at you, trying to take it all in. I was exhausted, but just couldn’t get enough of you.  Every bit of you was so tiny and so perfect and I just couldn’t believe that you were our baby and you had finally arrived.  I fell in love with you during those quite hours on my first Mother’s Day. I couldn’t imagine loving you any more than I did at that moment, but I had no idea what was in store.  I’ve spent the vast majority of the last 8,760 hours with you and love you more and more after each one. 




Linda said...

Thank you Kate, for bringing joy into our lives by sharing your chronicles of this first year. You are an excellent mother--something you clearly love and are good at. We rejoice in your joy. And it is fun that Soren is so charming as well.
Happy Mother's Day!
I love you.

Lisa H. said...

happy birthday, soren! we need to get you and pumpkin together SOON.

Bonnie said...

Happy Birthday Soren and Happy Mother's day Kate. Your Letters to Soren have been so cute. What a lucky little guy!

Dyami said...

Katie- you're such an amazing mom and I love that you're willing to share these letters. I hope I can be half as good at giving such a great gift to your baby. I just want to tear up when I read them as I put aside the fears, discomforts, and insecurities that are easy to focus on right now. I can't wait for the little joy I'll get to have soon and you help me to create little daydreams of what it could possible be like.

Logan- I know you do your part, it's just easy to give Katie credit since she blogs it. You're an awesome dad to have and I know you guys are giving this kid such a wonderful life. And I'm glad he's got your sport interest and not Katie's fear of balls, hopefully she'll be able to handle practicing at home with the little guy and having soccer balls flying in any direction.

logan said...

Thanks Tatuna. It is pretty great he loves balls, and kicking them. It's also good that Kate even encourages it.

It's been a fun year, and surprising that it's already happened. He sure is a great little guy, and his mom is definitely the best.

Congrats family, I love you guys.