Friday, May 8, 2009

A Year Ago Today:

Man.  The longer it has been, the more unbelievable it seems that my body really got that big. It is a little bit crazy.  But nothing compared to how crazy it is that our baby will be ONE on Sunday. Stay tuned for a whopper of a birthday post.  

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Dyami said...

Thank you so much for the card!! You always so good about sending sweet notes- wish I was better. One of these days I'll make that a resolution. Hope you have a wonderful Mothers' Day!

Your picture makes me a little nervous for the next two months. I feel like my baby is squashed already and am getting pokey pressure from little limbs all the time, but then I see girls that are farther along and I realize I have so much more to grow. I'm glad you forget what it's like and do return to normal- it gives me such hope.