Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Swear I Won't Do This Every Week

csa week 2

But I just wanted to show that we got some non-green veggies this week. We've already eaten a lot of this and it has all been delicious. I have never heard of kohlrabi or garlic scapes and think they both look like something out of Star Wars.

In other vegetable news, we are getting a brand new fridge from our landlord some time soon, so maybe our vegetables will last long enough that we can actually eat them before they go bad. We probably could have bought ourselves a new fridge with all the money wasted on produce I've had to throw away. In non-vegetable news, we're also getting new windows which is totally going to change our lives.


Barry said...

So did you figure out a use for the turnips yet? In Taiwan (and some dim sum restaurants) they have luo-bo-gao, which is basically a fried turnip paste cake. Sounds gross, but it's actually pretty good, especially wih a sweet soy sauce.

Kate Wangsgard said...

Barry: No, I haven't used the turnips yet, I've been focusing on using up the things that don't last as long. But my crisper is quickly becoming overrun with root vegetables. I'll have to check out luo-go-gao.

Barry said...

So I tried to find a recipe, but turns out that luo-bo gao, literally "turnip cake", contains no turnips.

Who knew?