Friday, June 19, 2009

The Ultimate Accessory

Last weekend we went candlepin bowling for the first time since Soren was 3 weeks old. He thought it was pretty cool and apparently he was my lucky charm. I bowled the first (and probably last) strike of my life the time I bowled while holding him.

Which reminds me of a recent realization I have made. Soren makes me way more confident. I first noticed it when I went down to our super scary storage area in our basement with him and wasn't scared at all. When I go down there alone I'm convinced a serial killer is hiding back there just waiting for me. Or even worse, a rat. But when I carry him with me I can walk (I don't even run, like I usually do!) back there without even thinking about it. This is great and all, but what really sealed the deal was when I had to conduct Relief Society last Sunday. (Relief Society is the meeting at church where just the women meet and have a lesson; I'm in the leadership so have to lead the meeting every once in a while and I hate it. I have to stand up there for MAYBE 5 minutes and make some announcements but every single time my heart is racing and I am unreasonably nervous.) Last Sunday, I did my thing while holding Soren since he wasn't interested in being with anyone else. When I was done I realized I could breathe and my heart wasn't racing! It is strange, but sweet, to think that this little 20 pound dude has such a strong influence over me that I can handle facing two of my greatest fears: basements and public speaking. Maybe I should try holding him and playing charades.


Bonnie said...

You do realize what you just set yourself up for right? (Cute picture by the way)

J I L L A I R E said...

I think Bonnie and I must be thinking the same thing. You'll have no excuses the next time we get together! ha ha ha

Kate Wangsgard said...

Bonnie & Jilllarie: No matter how awesome Soren's effect on me is, I will never play charades. Ever. It is a horrible, horrible game.