Sunday, July 5, 2009

Finally Summer, At Least For a Day or Two

We finally had a day warm enough to bust out Soren's pool he's been playing with inside all summer. At first Soren seemed to be quite annoyed that we ruined his cool toy by filling it up with pesky water, but eventually he warmed up to the idea and had a great time splashing around.

He was especially happy to be outside and see the trains up close and personal. This last week he has been extra interested in the trains and perks up every single time one goes by. (For those that don't know, we live REALLY close to where the trains turn around. And by really close, I mean Soren's about 10 feet away from a train in this picture.) Every time he hears one screech by he says "choo choo" and tries his very hardest to look out the window. He's been hearing these trains every several minutes for his entire life but it is as if he suddenly realized just how cool it is.


For the most part, I have managed to avoid the infamous unsolicited advice that mothers somehow are susceptible to. However, I got a doozy today. This evening, someone who I've never met before, rang our door bell and asked if we were the people who had a baby playing in the backyard yesterday. Once she confirmed that I was, indeed, the negligent mother she was searching for, she warned me that there are rats out there sometimes so I should never leave my baby alone because God forbid something horrible happen. I'm sure she meant well and when she looked out her window yesterday and saw our sweet little baby splashing in his pool (with both his parents about a foot away) she was just worried about him and so consumed with images of rats attacking him that she felt the need to come over the next day and let us know. But I assured her that I knew there were rats around and I obviously would never leave him alone but thanks for the advice. It was very strange.

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Camilla said...

Rodents of unusual size? I don't think they exist.