Monday, July 13, 2009

Mount Auburn Cemetery

We went on our weekly Sunday bike ride adventure to Mount Auburn Cemetery. It is one of the many interesting places around that I had never been, despite often saying we should. It was so beautiful. I'm glad Logan seems not to mind too much that when I say "We should go somewhere" I really mean "We should go somewhere cool so I can take pictures the whole time." It is just hard not to take tons of pictures when we are surrounded by such cool things.






There were tons of amazing little doors and I wanted to take pictures in front of every single one, but resisted. They are so beautiful and have such cool details and colors, making perfect backdrops.






We found a little metal knocker, just Soren's size. He thought it was pretty fun to knock on the door, but we were glad no one answered.




Family Portrait

It is such a beautiful place, we will definitely be going back. It is huge, and we didn't even begin to explore the whole thing. If you haven't been, you need to go. If doors and beautiful scenery hasn't convinced you, we also saw several bunnies and a few chipmunks so it has a little of everything. We're trying to figure out what we have to do in order to be buried there. I think the first step would be to live a couple hundred years ago and have lots of money. We're working on it.

Update: Just found out that you CAN be buried there! Now I just need to figure out how to score the plot next to Longfellow...


logan said...

Nice job lady. Those are great. Got a couple of good lookin boys there.

Linda said...

I love the photos!
The one of you and Soren at the fountain is one of my favorites. And I agree with Logan: Your boys are handsome; they make excellent models for your photo talents.

gumpin said...

Another requirement to be buried in Mt. Auburn Cemetery: Be dead.