Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday at the Beach

Hispter Dufuses

On Saturday afternoon we went with the Donigans to Revere Beach for the New England Sand Sculpting Festival. It was pretty cool. They import truckloads of sand ideal for sculpting and several artists spend a few days working away. They only use sand and water, although they do spray them with glue at the end to slow down the erosion for longer viewing pleasure. Pretty impressive. We didn't stick around to see which one won the competition, but they were all quite cool. Especially when you remembered that it was sand.

Surley Soren

We walked around and checked out the sights, got some free samples and enjoyed a tasty banana split. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

The Donigans

Some of the sculptures:

Sculpture 1

Sculpture 2

Sculpture 3

Sculpture 4

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anna said...

those sand sculptures are amazing. I am glad you guys finally have some summer weather.

Your comment was hysterical. Yes, that 10 extra days of marriage makes a big difference :)

Soren is darling and is so old already - I cannot believe it. It looks like you are an amazing mom.