Monday, July 13, 2009

Topping Off Ceremony

This morning, we rolled out of bed bright and early to attend the Toping Off Ceremony for the new church that is being built down the street. The ceremony was celebrating the placement of the highest beam of the building.

Here's the building, pre-beam. It is a HUGE building; it is going to be able to house several wards and all the Stake Offices. It is just a few blocks from our house so we're excited to be able to walk to Stake Conference.

The construction workers celebrating. I'm not sure why there's a tree stuck to the beam. We got there a little late, so maybe they described some deep symbolism with the tree that we missed. Or they just thought it looked nice.

Here's what it is going to look like once it is all done.


ellen said...

Hey! I saw you there this morning! I went straight to work so will post my photos tonight. Very cool day!

Ken and Jen Perkes said...

How cool! Boy that didn't take long. No moss on our church construction! The plans look REALLY nice. I like that it speaks to the old church. Impressive!


Kate Wangsgard said...

Ken: This isn't the Longfellow Park rebuild, it is a new building that has been in the works for several years. They are still cleaning up the Longfellow Chapel and sifting through all the legal issues before they can start rebuilding. It will be a few years before that one is done, unfortunately.

gumpin said...

Re: The tree on the beam. It is a long tradition for ironworkers to place a pine tree on the last beam to go in place at the top. It signifies the structure was completed safely and offers good wishes to all who will inhabit the building.

Ken and Jen Perkes said...

Ohhh . . . that makes more sense. I couldn't figure how they could have responded that quickly! In any case, I really like the plans. I'm assuming this will be your new ward house when it is finished?

What will happen to the cool converted mill building that is currently being used for church services? I love that place!

Kate Wangsgard said...

Ken: Yes, we will meet at this building when it is done next spring. We also love our current building so much as will really miss it. The Church is just leasing it so I'm assuming it will become office space again or condos or something.