Thursday, July 30, 2009



Sorry for the lack of posting, there's just not too much going on here. It is hot outside. And our apartment is usually even hotter. I refuse to cook when it is this hot and pretty much just eat popsicles all day. We're resisting getting another AC since we made it this far through the summer so it seems silly to get one now. So we'll probably just suffer through another month of sweating while sitting on our couch doing nothing. (I think that is a sign that it is too hot.)

Soren is still not walking, but getting closer and closer. He's up to about 7 steps at once. He says more words every day at last count he was at a couple dozen that he'll say without fail and several that he'll repeat, but won't recall on his own. He's got some new tricks up his sleeve, including winking, identifying most of his major body parts and a whole menagerie of animal noises. However, it has become increasingly difficult to do a video since as soon as any recording apparatus appears, he says "baby" over and over until we finally give in and show him pictures of himself. One day we'll get it.

I've been keeping myself busy with a organizing gig for some friends. I'm organizing their kitchen and storage area in their new condo. Getting paid to do something that I love doing and would probably do for free = awesome.

That's about it.


logan said...

Our crazy boy looks fat in this picture, but he's still wicked cute.

Alia! said...

i eat popsicles everyday, too. it's the good life!