Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Animal Sounds

Here's a little video of some of Soren's animal sounds. There are a few more he can do, but I can never remember the full list on the spot. Sorry about the pink marker line on his forehead. He's way into scribbling and it can get a little out of hand. Enjoy.



gumpin said...

Brilliant. Multi-lingual at his age! But what does the snake say?

Amy said...

LOVE the squirrel and monkey. I'm sure Carter will watch this over and over.

J I L L A I R E said...

Gunnar & Maggie loved it. The second time through Gunnar just kept giggling and saying "Baby!" Then he started joining in on the sounds.

Luisa said...

VERY cute, Katie! Soren is honestly one of the most beautiful little kids around. Also! By the way! I'm gardening for the first time too this year!! LOVE IT! And one more thing, I LOVE seeing your 'down-town Boston' apartment... brings back tons of memories from when I used to live there. I'm jealous!

You're great!

Linda said...

So adorable! I'm watching it over and over. What a charmer!