Friday, August 14, 2009

Letters to Soren: Month Fifteen

Dear Soren:

Fifteen months! In the last three months your vocabulary has more than tripled. I had a list of words you say and just stopped adding on to it since I was adding a word or two a day. You pretty much know all the words for objects in your day to day life and are eager to learn any words we will teach you. You know the difference between trains, buses, cars and fire trucks (all of which we can see and hear from our windows) and love to point at all of them. Whenever you hear an airplane, you are able to find it in the sky and point to it. It is so incredible to see you learn how to identify the objects that are in your world.

Your recent obsession with cats has changed to dogs and you can spot a dog from more than a block away. You know a bunch of animal sounds; the cutest are elephant (complete with your arm being raised like a trunk), lion, frog and monkey. I made the mistake of bringing one of your many animal books to church last week. You are not capable of seeing a picture of an animal without making the appropriate sound. Very cute at home, not so cute at church. You've also learned how to point to and say most of your major body parts. I've found that nothing snaps you out of an approaching meltdown like quizzing you on animal sounds and body parts. You eagerly await the next question and get so much satisfaction from knowing the answer.

I've been saying for months now that you're "so close to walking" but you just won't do it. You will take a few steps on your own, but then just decide crawling is much faster. If we encourage you like a couple of crazy cheerleaders you will walk across the living room a few times, but you just aren't ready yet. I've come to terms with it and just have to keep telling myself that you'll walk when you're ready and that you won't crawl off to kindergarden. But anytime you feel like walking, that would be cool. No pressure.

Your room is really small. When we set it up, we put your crib under the light switch knowing that at some point you might get tall enough to reach it, but that was really the only place for the crib. Well Soren, that point has come. It is very strange to go get you after a nap and walk in to find the light on. The first time I was convinced I put you down for a nap with the light on but soon realized that you finally figured out that if you stand on the very tips of your toes and reach up as far as you can, you can turn the light on. And nap time becomes fun time. Some times I'll put you down and then sit on the couch on the other side of your wall and can just hear the light switch going on and off. You haven't done it in the middle of the night yet, but I'm sure one of these days you will. And that day will be the sad day that I am forced to rearrange your perfect little room.

We're thrilled that you have suddenly become affectionate. You love giving us kisses and "noses" (eskimo kisses). You are quite the equal opportunity kisser and insist on kissing both of us if one of us asks for a kiss. You'll crawl across the room just to kiss the other parent. It is very sweet. You have also become surprisingly good at doing zerberts on our stomachs. Seriously. It is impressive. You are learning things so quickly these days and getting more and more adventurous. You can climb on and off the couch, although sometimes need to be reminded to go feet first. You are friendly and outgoing and love to say hi to people when we pass them. A couple of times we've sat on our front stoop and just sat there and waved and said hi to every person that walks by.

Soren, your dad and I love you very much and are having so much fun being your parents. You are sweet and seriously so cute. Your entertainment value just keeps getting better and better by the day. Fifteen months in and we still just can't get enough of you.




J I L L A I R E said...

I love that you guys say "zerbert" just like us. We also do "noses" with Gunnar, who is, as you put it, an "equal opportunity" noser. He must rub noses with everyone in the family, so much that he hardly gets a touch in with one person before he's looking for the next!

Linda said...

I love this set of photos, and as always the commentary is charming. We miss you and must find a time to come and visit soon!

Jed said...

That picture with the ball next to Soren's head looks JUST like Logan.