Monday, August 3, 2009

The Wild Wild East

On Saturday we were walking home from a fabulous BBQ and saw this incredible sight:

A garden in the back of a truck. These aren't just beds that have been set in the truck for transport. They appear to be a permanent addition to the vehicle. I'm not sure how practical this is unless you don't drive very often, but it sure is awesome.

To round out the weekend, on Sunday I walked over to the fridge to get a cupcake leftover from the BBQ and saw this little guy scurrying around on our screen. He seemed to be stuck there, not quite sure how to get back on the fire escape.

I snapped a few shots before he made it over to my own little make shift garden, which I'm pretty sure is the reason he came up there in the first place. We've seen a couple of squirrels try to get up there to check it out, but seem to chicken out before getting all the way. Hopefully this little scout won't go tell all his friends that there are two tomato plants full of green tomatoes just waiting to be nibbled on.

I think I was more nervous than he was that a screen was all that separated us. From now on I'm going to think twice about leaving that screen open for the few minutes it takes me to fill up the watering can. I am pretty sure he would have climbed right in the window if he could and as cute at that little face is, it wouldn't be so cute running around the house. Coincidentally, I just remembered that we were talking about squirrels doing just this thing at the BBQ the day before. Logan was pretty disappointed that he missed it since squirrels are his second favorite animals.


Cagney and Laci said...

That poor squirrel is so skinny, no wonder he was trying to eat your tomato plants. He is a cute little guy, but I would have totally freaked out as well.

gumpin said...

Cute, but still a rodent.

Ken and Jen Perkes said...

The truck-bed garden is brilliant . . . or pathetic--depending upon your point of view. What we have to do to get our plot of land in the city!

Our apartment is on the east/north side of the building and so we don't get a lot of direct sun. I was actually brainstorming the other day about growing wheatgrass and thought: I could do it in trays in my car and just park in a sunny location. Now I see that someone has beat me to it!


J I L L A I R E said...

We had a squirrel in our house when we first moved to White Salmon. At first I thought we had mice in the walls, and Damon didn't believe me. Oh did he believe me when I called him at work and hollered into his voicemail, "Squirrel in the house! SQUIRREL in the house!!" I tried to get the girls in their bedroom so I could shut the door and have them be safe while the squirrel found his way out, but he followed us in there and ran under the bed! It was crazy.

Also, for Logan: the new color of our house is called "Squirrel." I'll post photos when I finish all the trim!