Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Castle Island, Take One

On Saturday, after an awesome sleepover and even more awesome breakfast, we went to Castle Island for the first time. It was beautiful- such a perfect beach day.

Soren had such a good time. He pretty much ran around in the sand for hours until he just crashed in exhaustion. At one point he was just sitting on the blanket starring off into space and nothing, including all six of us laughing at him, could snap him out of it. Then after several minutes he jumped up and kept playing. He loved it.

I love this picture of Soren checking out the little girl on the beach. He's going through a stage where we pretty much hates kids his age and collapses when one approaches him.

We all had a great time. Great enough to go back two days later...

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ellen said...

Castle Island is one of my very favorite places in Boston! Airplanes, boats, walking, biking, a playground, ice cream, french fries, and more!