Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Letters to Soren: Month Eighteen

Dear Soren:

Halfy Birthday! You've changed so much in the last few months. You started walking not long after you turned 15 months, just like I knew you would. I was determined to have you walk before your 15 month appointment (just as I was determined to have you crawl before your 9 month one) but of course you started a few days later (just like you did with crawling). But, as predicted, you went from not walking to walking like a champ in one day. Once you realized it wasn't so scary and way more efficient than crawling, there was no stopping you. You occasionally still crawl, but it is just to be funny. You crawl around the apartment smiling and look at me like, "Hey Mom, remember when I used to crawl around like a sucker? That was silly."

You've turned into such a little toddler. You throw fits. You have learned the wonderful thing that toddlers do where you arch your back and make every bone in your body limp when I try to pick you up when you don't want me to. You have gone from two very predictable naps to sometimes one not very predictable nap. You've learned how to say "no" and I've heard you say "mine" a time or two, but chose to ignore it. But with all those horrible toddler things have come many more wonderful toddler things. You sing songs. You have started to call me Mom instead of Mama. (And sometimes sound like you're about 14 when you say it.) You walk around the park looking for the best and biggest stick you can find and then carry it around for hours, occasionally stopping to size up other sticks to make sure you do indeed have the best one. You love cars, trucks and airplanes. You love to draw and tell me what you're drawing (the most frequent things are dinosaurs, pumpkins and Dada.) You talk so much and know pretty much every word you need to know at this point in your life. You constantly amaze me with all the things you learn and understand.

You've started to learn your colors. When we first started teaching you colors you thought everything was green. You understood the concept of color and could sort things by color but if we asked you what color anything was, you always said green. Now you are pretty consistant and more often than not get them right. You've also started to be able to identify a couple letters and numbers. You favorites are T, 8 and 9. You get so excited when you spot a T when we're out and about. You've become much more adventurous and will climb onto chairs and then look at us like you are just so proud of yourself. You've yet to get into any real mischief with your climbing, but I'm sure that day will come soon.

One of my favorite things you do these days is "hiding" one of your toys and then looking for it. You'll stick something under your leg, behind you or sometimes you'll just look away and then you call out to it to look for it and then "find" it. You'll do it over and over and act so surprised when you find it each time. If you don't know what the name of the thing you're hiding is, you'll just say "that" or "green" as you search for it. You are so incredibly charming sometimes that it just kills me. You tell strangers "Ciao!" when we walk away. You remember the names of several of our friends and they all love you almost as much as we do. You give great hugs and kisses, but only when you feel like it. If you see your dad and I hugging, you walk over to get in on the action and we pick you up for one big family squeeze.

You are such a handful right now and there are many days that I am so close to losing it because we've been stuck inside all day and you just won't take a nap and are making messes faster than I can clean them up, but then the next moment you come running up to me and say "Mom!" like you haven't seen me for weeks and give me a huge hug and all is forgiven. Being a mom to a baby was fun, but I think I like being a mom to a toddler even better. You're a little person that I can talk to and go on walks with. You make me laugh by coming out of your room with a bowl on your head and Mr. Potato Head's eyes sticking out of your ear.

Both sets of your Grandparents are coming here to visit in the next couple of months and every few days your dad and I talk about how excited we are for our parents to come and spend time with you and see how awesome you are. We are so grateful that you're in our little family. You're such a sweet little boy and we love you so much.




Camilla said...

Nice post- I really get a sense for Soren's personality. Hope to see you guys sometime soon!

Oh, and in one way Soren is more grown up than me, if he already calls you mom. It will be "mommy" and "daddy" forever for me, I think. Colin thinks it's so funny.

Linda Perkes said...

We can hardly wait to come to visit! Thanks for posting your letters to Soren. He is charming!

Chelsi Ritter said...

kate your little boy is so adorable. and i love your orange chair! i've been looking for one like that.
so i have a favor to ask. you made logan a cake our first year in boston for his birthday that was completely vegan. and completely heaven! it was chocolate. do you have the recipe, and would you mind sending it to me? it really was delicious, and i've been looking for a recipe like it ever since.
thanks! miss you guys!