Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Loot 2009

Christmas Loot 2009

As usual, the Wangsgard Family tradition of posing with all your gifts.
Click on the photo to go to Flickr where you can mouse over all the gifts and see what they are.


Barry said...

Jealous .
Amelia loves your Matte Stephens print.

Cagney and Laci said...

That zester looks like a light sabre which would be equally as cool. Love the loot picture! Christian really wants me to do this but I don't know that I have the energy. Merry Christmas!

Kate Wangsgard said...

Barry: Wow. I feel like my life is more complete now that I've viewed that video. Thanks. And I know we didn't commission the print ourselves, and 99 other people might have it, but we still think it is pretty cool and are glad that Amelia agrees.

Laci: Thanks for pointing out the light saber likeness. Makes me love the zester even more. And we make taking the picture look easy. It takes forever to set it up and I am holding Soren since most of the shots are of him running away or facing the wrong direction. I should post them since they're actually much more funny.

Joette said...

Merry Christmas!!! Katie, you are by FAR the best present wrapper I have EVER met!!! Thakn you so much for all the beautiful presents. I love the hair clippies for the girls, did you make those too? You're amazing. Looks like you guys had a fun C.mas too! Hope you get a moment together after Soren goes to bed! We miss and love you guys tons!!! Love, JAWs and kiddos