Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Go Hey Lil' Momma, I Can Transform Ya"

I think it has been long enough that anyone who cares has watched the So You Think You Can Dance finale so I can comment to my hearts content without angering the masses. But just in case, SPOILER ALERT!!

Our favorite dancer won! How could you not love someone who can krump with a girl on his shoulders? We loved Russell from the start and were thrilled that he won.

Most of the other contestants bugged me but Ryan and Ashleigh were the worst. I know they were a cute married Mormon couple, but he's so lame and she needs to lay off the fushia lipstick. I think he bugged me since he's so much that BYU guy that was part of the reason why I needed to get out of Provo. I kept expecting her to end with "In the Name of Jesus Christ, Amen" when she was eliminated. To be fair, I thought Ashleigh was a really good dancer but she just got on my nerves whenever she wasn't dancing.

I would have been okay with Jakob winning since he's uh-mazing but what's with his eyebrow? And his gracious face when he accepted compliments always seemed so fake to me. How bad should Ryan feel after Nigel told him that his wife has better chemistry with Jakob? (But I think if I was married to Ryan, I'd have better chemistry with Jakob too. He was the closest it got to this year's Dreamy Neil. Who will forever have my heart.)

We also really didn't like Mollee and sad emo kid Nathan, but did feel sort of sorry for him since he got beat up on so much by the judges and then they couldn't stop talking about how much better Mollee was after she got rid of Nathan. Poor emo kid.

So in the end, we're thrilled that Boston got to represent.

"No I can't dance, but I can dance on ya"
(Just try not to get that totally ridiculous - but kind of awesome- song stuck in your head.)


anna said...


What a funny post.

I kind of think Jakob should have won, and I really liked him, but I was okay with Russell winning. I was so glad that Kathryn - has no personality and kind of a weird face - dancer did not win.

I actually had a few classes with Ashleigh, so I found her not as annoying as you, but her lipstick issues were pretty severe. And, I did not expect her to win, but I was glad that she got to dance in the finale. Ryan scared the heck out of me most of the time, because when he danced he always looked like he was going to lose it and beat someone up at any moment. I think we can all learn a lesson from him: too much working out = not a good thing.

I loved watching Jakob, I think because he did remind me a lot of Neil, who had great chemistry with everyone. But Jakob lacked Neil's personality, which hurt him in the end.

I HATED Mollee and Nathan. Lame-o. I sort of felt bad that the judges ripped on Nathan, but not really, because I agreed with Adam that it is really annoying when everyone else is talking about helping others, going to school, etc. Nathan is talking about waterskiing.

I will have to say that I thought it was kind of funny that right before Russell won, he was limping and leaning on Jakob and then the second they announced that he won he first had to take his shirt off (what was up with that??) and then he was running and moving all over the stage. It was a SYTYCD miracle!!! He deserved the win.

Okay, I care way, way too much about this show. I seriously need to get a life.

Monica Kate Fish said...

AH! That is great, I thought I was the only one who was watching that and thinking, "I want to like him, I tried, but in the end he reminded me of everything I hated about BYU men. And dido on the hot pink. FYI your kid is darling!!

Kate Wangsgard said...


RE: The SYTYCD Miracle, I read an interview with him where he said that the adrenaline totally took over and he couldn't feel the pain. He apparently landed wrong when he was dancing the hip hop trio and the other guys pulled him back on the stage. And he was super mad because his whole family came out to see him dance and had to watch tapes. But I thought the same thing about it being funny. And I too care way too much about this show.

canne said...

OH WOW....

i do not watch tv to have made this connection, but i know the dilellos (ryan and ashleigh). they lived with me in dc before i married q. weird!

they are really nice. they were ballroom dance partners at the Y before/after they got married.