Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goodbye Sweet Baby Curls, Hello Real Boy

Other than a little trim to get rid of his male pattern baldness when he was 6 weeks old, we haven't cut Soren's hair yet. And as you can see it was getting out of control. Logan and I both got haircuts yesterday so we figured it was as good a day as any to do the deed. So we set him in his highchair, put Muppets Take Manhattan on the laptop, and Logan got cutting.

Soren was as patient as can be expected and only squirmed a little. I can't believe how different he looks without his curls. Here's the (almost) finished product:

We still have a couple of spots that need a snip or two, but we figured we tested his limits long enough so can finish up another day. I'm still not used to it, but I'm sure I'll learn to love him again soon.


logan said...

That side view makes it look like I cut his hair like forest gump or something. I can't help it if his hair doesn't grow there yet. what a cute little bobble-head.

Linda Perkes said...

He is adorable, and it does make him look less like a baby and more like a little boy. We'll hug and kiss that cute kid soon!