Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas

As you saw in the earlier post, we had a great Christmas. After a late night of partying and not enough dinner, Soren had a bit of a rough morning and tried to get up way, way too early to see if Santa had come. But we laid down the law and made him wait until the sun was up. When we finally all woke up for good, we paraded out into the living room to check out all the presents. We set up Soren's train set the night before and it took him a minute to process what was going on, but as soon as he saw the tracks, he wriggled out of my arms and got down to business.

We were worried that if we set them up, he'd ignore all his other presents and just play trains. But then I remembered that he's 19 months old and has the attention span of a gold fish so it wasn't a problem at all. He loved each present when he opened it and played with it until it was his turn to open another. He had fun checking out the loot in his stocking: a toothbrush, Teddy Grahams, a helicopter, a flashlight, crayons, Apple Jacks and a couple of juice boxes.

He is especially a big fan of his little percussion table, with a xylophone (which he calls a piano) a little drum and a cymbal. He went nuts on the xylophone.

I already posted the Official Christmas Loot Picture™, but thought some of the other attempts were much more funny and disprove the oft held believe that we are perfect.

I even got to hear my brother Ammon who's currently a missionary in Portugal when I called to talk to my folks and they were on the phone with him. They put the two phones up to each other and I got to wish him Feliz Natal. Hope all of your Christmases were just as wonderful. Thanks to all those who helped make our Christmas great.

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