Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's Christmas Time In the City

Last weekend we went up the street to get our Christmas tree at Ricky's Flower Market in Union Square. In years past, we've gone to a really nice but a little out of the way place but this year the thought of getting our tree so close to home appealed to us much more. So we borrowed a car and went to pick out the perfect tree. It was pretty cool to be on the corner of a busy street tromping around with our fellow Cantabrigians and Somervillans. I totally felt like I was in a sitcom.

After a few minutes we found a perfect tree and threw it on top of the car and we were off. Definitely the fastest tree trip we've ever done. Soren probably said "tree!" more in that few minutes than I thought possible.

We got it home and Soren was thrilled to pieces to have a tree sitting on the kitchen floor. He kept squatting next to it and peering into the branches and hiding toys in it. We put it up that day and decorated it the next night after Soren was in bed. I know, I'm depriving my son of precious Christmas memories. But I've been at this mom gig long enough to know that if he'd seen us put all the things on the tree, he'd very quickly figure out things also come off the tree. And this way he got to wake up to a decorated tree and enjoy the Christmas Magic.

Soren's loving the tree and seeing it is the first thing he wants to do when he wakes up. He's been really, really good about leaving it alone. We put ornaments on the bottom section that he could mess with without breaking any family heirlooms, but he's been better than I expected. He touches things and occasionally pulls something off, but isn't destructive. He just likes to point at the ornaments and the different colored lights and say what they are. It only took him one try to figure out that he doesn't want to eat the cranberry garland that I made despite it being called berries. And I've been slowly adding presents under the tree so he doesn't notice them. He just sort of steps around them to get to the tree.

When we got married, we started the tradition of getting an ornament each year to represent something that happened that year. This year, I couldn't think of a better representation of how our year was spent than this:

I got Logan's soccer team crest put on an ornament and gave it to Logan the night we trimmed the tree. He was thrilled. I'm sure it will be his favorite ornament for years to come. I got myself this angel bell, since I've been an angel to put with with his soccer obsession. Or just because I thought it was cool. And Soren got a fire truck.

There are so many ornaments that my parents have on their tree that I remember pulling out each year to put on the tree. It is fun to get these ornaments and realize that our family will have memories attached to each one and think about decorating our tree in twenty years with the ornaments we got when we were just kids.

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