Saturday, December 19, 2009

Soren How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

Soren's a toddler. And as all parents of toddlers know, there are days when you're not sure why in the world you decided to bring this sort of torture on yourself. I have come to the conclusion that toddlers have a built in gauge that lets them know when they've done too many mischievous and horrible things and their mom is about to lose it so they need to do something sweet immediately or their life may be in danger. So, in an effort to document the funny and cute things he does and not dwell on the bad (like shoving the laptop off the coffee table twice in one day, or "drawing" on the TV with a plastic fork, or reaching his skinny little arm through the child locked cabinet and pulling out several books and carrying them into his room to do with as he pleases, or pushing a chair up to the stove and turning on the gas burner. oh, right, not dwelling on the bad...) Here's some of his little quirks that makes us love him all the more.

He says "Ta Da!" whenever he does something he deems an accomplishment (i.e. climbing off a chair, taking off his hat, etc.)

He often wakes up in the morning and counts out loud. Not much sweeter way to wake up than by hearing your little boy going, "One, two, three, four, nine, nine, nine, four, four four, nine, two, etc." (I discovered the reason he counts is because Logan often counts to him when he's putting him to sleep. Poor little OCD baby. I'm sorry your parents are nuts.)

On that note, if I leave a cupboard, door or drawer open he walks over and shuts it. And says "shut". Doesn't try to get in the cupboard, just insists that it is shut. Even if he's sitting in the high chair and notices an open cupboard he points at it and says "shut" so I will shut it.

He always yells "Ciao!" from the stroller when he hears me tell a cashier thanks, bye, etc.

He gives his stuffed animals hugs and says "squeeze!" and then gives them kisses, being careful to find their mouth so that the kiss is appropriately placed.

He says "happened" when something goes wrong. I'm pretty sure this is because I always ask him "What happened?" So he'll trip and fall and come over to me all sad and say "Happened!" And he's started to request kisses to make things better. I think I officially felt like a mom when he came over to me to have my Mom Magic fix his hand. He also fakes getting hurt so that he can get more kisses.

He lines up his cars to make a train and pushes them around and when the cars separate and breaks the train, he says "Nooooo!!!!!" in a fake dramatic voice, not in a real one. (He's getting tracks and trains for Christmas so he doesn't have to use cars anymore.)

Several times through out the day he'll ask where Logan is and when I tell him he's at work, he proceeds through a list of people he knows, asking where they all are. He almost always goes in the same order. We have this exchange on a regular basis:
Soren: Dada?
Mom: No, Dada's at work.
S: Patrick?
M: Patrick's at work too.
S: Bonnie?
M: Bonnie's at work too.
S: Gatsby? (Patrick and Bonnie's dog)
M: Gatsby's at his house. Probably sleeping.
S: Courtney?
M: Courtney's at her house.
S: Linda? (Courtney's husband Quinn, the first time we asked Soren to say Quinn is sounded just like Linda and Logan's doing everything he can to make the new name sticks.)
M: Quinn's at his house too.
S: Whiskey? (Quinn and Courtney's cat)
M: Whiskey's at his house downstairs.
S: Gumpin?
M: Gumpin's at his house in Utah.
S: Pete?
M: Pete's in Utah too, probably at work.
S: Nana?
M: Nana's at work in Utah too.

And so forth. Ah, repetition. The life force of toddlerhood.

So hopefully on days where I'm about at my limit, I'll read this post and remember how cute he is when he's not crunching cereal into the rug. And if nothing else, I'll remember that he slept in until 10:00 this morning.


Bonnie said...

ahhh! he's so cute. I love that our whole family made the list. I guess if it were really all inclusive it would be: Patrick?, Bonnie?, Gatsby?, car??

Marian said...

I am only a little sad that I am 10th on the list behind a dog and a cat! Maybe last the best of all the game?! Nana

J I L L A I R E said...

When Gunnar falls he says "I'm okay!" It sound more like "Um okay." Just like Soren's "Happened!" I'm sure it's because we always say, "Are you okay, Gunnar?" It's funny because he doesn't really pause to communicate, he just automatically blurts it out and then keeps going.