Saturday, January 16, 2010

100 MORE Things About Me

In honor of my 300th post and the approaching Third Anniversary of the blog, I figured I'd take you back to where it all began and give this another shot:

100 More Things About Me:

  1. I made all of Soren's baby food.
  2. I don't like to wear socks.
  3. One of the most decorated Olympians in history gave me an epidural.
  4. Water is my drink of choice.
  5. There's a particular order in which I wash dishes.
  6. I don't like to dance, but wish I did.
  7. I'm an awkward hugger.
  8. I don't really like surprises.
  9. I wet my pants on both the 1st and 2nd days of Kindergarden (and many times throughout the next several years) because I was too shy to ask to go to the bathroom.
  10. We can see three billboards from our apartment.
  11. I generally like vegetables more than fruit.
  12. I never wear a watch.
  13. I was a waitress at a BBQ restaurant in Mississippi.
  14. I've been a vegetarian for almost six years.
  15. I don't like most poetry.
  16. I think the car dealership across the street is a mob front for drugs or money laundering.
  17. I love smelling Soren's neck and the top of his head.
  18. I tend to self-medicate with shopping.
  19. I love that I have a solid group of friends, for the first time in many years.
  20. I can't sleep without a blanket over me.
  21. I wish I could do cloth diapers, and plan to if we ever have our own washer.
  22. I have no problem getting rid of things.
  23. I can't resist peeling nail polish off my fingernails.
  24. I don't really love any of the Big Vegetarian Three: tofu, mushrooms or eggplant
  25. I love Trader Joe's.
  26. I hope to one day have a garden.
  27. I deliberately delay confirming friend requests on Facebook as to not seem too eager.
  28. Milky Way Midnight is my favorite candy bar.
  29. I like eating cold pizza for breakfast.
  30. I hope to live in Cambridge for a very long time.
  31. I think the smell of tomato plants is just about one of the best ever.
  32. I don't wear much jewelry.
  33. I am really bad with money.
  34. I miss sleeping in.
  35. I can get sucked into pretty much any television show.
  36. I don't enjoy being in crowds. But always forget just how bad it is until I'm in a crowd.
  37. Blogging has totally replaced journaling, which makes me a little sad.
  38. I love Farmers Markets.
  39. When I need to do something really fast, I sing the Mario star music in my head.
  40. I refuse to read the Twilight books, even though I know I would love them.
  41. I always eat chips with the more flavorful side facing down to maximize the flavor.
  42. I love seeing Soren's little feet sticking out of the front of the stroller.
  43. When I get tired or anxious, I start to count as I do everything.
  44. I sometimes freak myself out and have to run back to our room if I get up in the middle of the night.
  45. I have a theory that chocolate preferences tend to go down party lines.
  46. I love good bread with lots of butter on it and would take that over dessert any day.
  47. I've now lived in our current apartment longer than any other home in my life.
  48. I'd like to start a collection of W's.
  49. I'm really bad at accents.
  50. I love being a hostess.
  51. I got kicked out of BYU.
  52. I refuse to play volleyball (Not the reason I got kicked out of BYU, although it wouldn't be that surprising if it was.)
  53. I loved being pregnant (though I don't want to be again anytime soon)
  54. I don't think there's much worse than accidentally wearing a red shirt to Target. So embarrassing.
  55. Logan and I have a book dedicated to us.
  56. I love going on bike rides with Logan and Soren, even though I resisted for so long.
  57. I've read the Harry Potter books more times than I'd care to admit.
  58. I get really worked up when I play foosball or air hockey.
  59. I'm a sucker for cute liners in coats.
  60. I think my husband is the most handsome with a little scruff.
  61. I don't want a large family.
  62. I like very fine point pens.
  63. I love polka dots.
  64. I'm just a little bit addicted to buying wrapping paper.
  65. I love how Logan always lets me have the last few bites of popcorn.
  66. My love for dairy is what is keeping us from going vegan. I can't help it. I have milk running through my veins.
  67. I hope we have at least one brown eyed baby.
  68. I love having my hair short.
  69. I've fallen out of love with Vegetarian Times.
  70. I love wrapping presents.
  71. I was in the Latin Club in High School. As in the dead language, not Latin America.
  72. I had a cat named Xena and a hamster named Hamlet.
  73. I love Law and Order, in all its forms.
  74. I'm wondering when it will get weird that I like to smell Soren's feet.(Logan tells me it got weird about 20 months ago.)
  75. I'm in a movie.
  76. I love falling asleep to Logan's voice.
  77. I was Katherine in school until 5th grade because I was too shy to tell my teachers I went by Katie.
  78. One of my favorite things is when I'm holding Soren and he runs his hand through the hair on the back of my head.
  79. I love checker board tile kitchen floors.
  80. I don't listen to music very often.
  81. I generally think flowers are an impractical gift.
  82. Hearing Soren laugh is one of my favorite sounds in the world.
  83. I didn't go on a date until I was in college.
  84. I used to be able to do a mean ninja roll.
  85. I doubt we'll ever have a pet.
  86. I refuse to shop at Market Basket, even though I know it is much cheaper. (See #36)
  87. I don't really like baths.
  88. I have a hard time controlling myself in craft stores. And Ikea.
  89. I've never once updated my status on Facebook.
  90. I hate running.
  91. I'm very stubborn with certain things. Generally things that don't matter at all. (See #40, #86 and #89)
  92. I sometimes wonder if people think I'm Soren's nanny.
  93. I go to Target a couple times a week.
  94. I love Double Stick Tape.
  95. I'm in denial that I no longer have perfect vision.
  96. I used to hate my birthstone, but now I think it is beautiful.
  97. I love the huge multicolored packs of Sharpies.
  98. I don't wear perfume.
  99. I love Sunday naps.
  100. I love how wearing galoshes makes me want to jump in puddles and feel like a kid.


eunice said...

hooray for kate! you are so lovely.

Aubrey said...

I have recently fallen in love with citrine. It's much better than January which is garnet (deep red that looks black).

Also, I prefer milky way midnights too.

The Perkes Family said...

You are the Cutest mom in the world. I just love reading your blog. You are so cute the way you write, and that baby of yours is absolutely to die for. Hope we get to see you guys soon!


Amy said...

Spectacular list. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

anna said...

Great list.

ellen said...

Seriously, no Market Basket?!

Marian said...

Kate, This might scare you but I feel the same about much of the list. Did Logan marry him mother? I am sure that it why I like you so much. :)m

J I L L A I R E said...

Believe it or not, I just read your first "100 Things" list about 2 days ago. I was wondering how long you'd been blogging and looked at your first post. Eerie.

Lisa H. said...

loved this post. also, that is a beautiful photo of you.

Gwen said...

your photo makes me want to cut my hair, throw off my garments, and move to a beach house.