Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Family Time

We had a wonderful visit with my parents and little brother after Christmas. We had a great time playing lots of games, eating lots of good food, and spending New Years in Maine with my dad's sister and brother's families.

Soren loved having GaMa, PaPa and Uh Eye around. (That's Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Ike for those of you not fluent in Soren.) He said "Hi!" to each of them hundreds of times. My brother Isaac at one point said it was scary when Soren said hi since he didn't know if he'd ever stop. He has a good point. Soren is just a little friendly sometimes.

The weather even cooperated and gave these beach dwellers plenty of snow to play in. It was the perfect way to end the holidays.

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Linda Perkes said...

We had a great time with your family. Soren was charming as usual and is changing fast--new words and new skills daily.
Thanks for hosting us : )
We love you.