Monday, January 11, 2010

Wangsgards on Paper

(This idea was totally stolen from The Neighbors' blog)

Wangsgards on Paper


Amy said...

This is very fun! I will try and make Dylan do one with me! I am also heavy on pb and dylan turns up his nose at my lackluster jelly sandwiches. Talk to me about pancake problems though? Do you burn them? Or don't have a good recipe? Are you trying to make vegan ones? For such a splendid cook, it is perplexing to me! I would love to help with a good recipe if you need one.

Ha, Ha. I must be pregnant, all the food ones stand out to me!!

PS. LOVE the trash chairs! Very lovely (currently sitting in a trash chair myself in fact!)

Lisa H. said...

oh, i love you wangsgards.

Kate Wangsgard said...

Amy: I am equally perplexed by my pancake problems. They just don't turn out right. Despite trying multiple recipes from very trusted sources. I made awesome pancakes the first time I made them for Logan and ever since then they've been pretty bad. It's not my griddle. Multiple people have made perfectly good pancakes on it when visiting. I think it is just my Achilles' Heel.

And Logan had nothing to do with making this, you may have better luck doing it without involving Dylan.