Thursday, February 18, 2010

Better Late Than Never, Right?

Reasons Why I Love My Valentines:

Because today Soren brought me a can of chickpeas and asked me to open it for him.

Because the other night Logan read Catching Fire to me until I feel asleep, even though I just read it last week.

Because Soren thinks the back of this package for a clock is a robot:

Because Logan puts Soren to bed every night.

Because Soren pulls out my yoga mat and says "pah-ees?" (translation: pilates?)

Because Logan works so I don't have to.

Because when Soren is thinking he puts his finger up to his mouth, says "Hmmm... let's see" and clicks his tongue, which is apparently something I do.

Because Soren and I pretty much have the same haircut.

Because Logan's colonized me with all his soccer knowledge.

Because when Soren hears me open the door to the closet where I keep my camera, he comes running and says "Cheese!"

Because Soren coughs into his elbow.

Because Logan knows I'm the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Because Soren loves Logan so much.

Because Logan helped me make this:

Happy Valentine's Day boys. Thanks for being mine. I love you both so much.


anna said...

Cute list. I like your haircut (and Soren's). And I love the pictures of Soren sitting on your shoulder. That is sweet.

Gwen said...

ha ha! robot!!