Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Letters to Soren: Month Twenty-One

Dear Soren:

You are a toddler. Simple as that. You are talking up a storm. You know more words than we can count and are learning new ones every day. You have recently started putting words together to make little phrases and sentences, which is awesome. Some of my favorite new words you say are: wow, cool, pretty, and idea (as in good idea). You use them correctly and say then all the time. You are basically a little parrot and will repeat anything we say. You are always listening and always watching and have even picked up a few of our mannerisms. You are generally as charming as humanly possible but also have some pretty miserable moments. You throw tantrums now. Like, throw your body to the ground and cover your eyes and cry tantrums. Luckily they are still pretty rare and not too hard to control. But we know that those days are numbered.

You have started to show a preference for what you wear, which surprised me. I thought I had a few more months of completely controlling every aspect of your life. Right now I think it is charming when you ask for your robot jammies or green color socks or your monster shoes, but there have yet to be any major meltdowns when your clothing of choice is unavailable so I'm sure the charm will wear off one of these days.

You are wicked smart. You can count to ten (and sometimes beyond), you know most of your colors, can recognize most of the numbers and a lot of letters and you are just eager to learn everything you can. You get so excited when you accomplish something. You know the names of most of our friends and know who goes with who. If you hear us talking about one of them, you will say the name of their spouse. We've been trying to get you to go to Nursery now for three months and you still refuse to let us leave. So one of us stays with you and you are totally content to be independent and play as long as you know that we are in the room. Even if you're not looking and have been playing on your own for a very long time and don't see us sneak out, you instantly notice and have a total meltdown. But, I'm sure you'll get the hang of it one of these days and we won't be able to tear you away.

You are very particular about things and hate when your hands are dirty. You suddenly got tall enough to open doors. You love making forts with your dad. You are obsessed with Curious George and Calliou. You turn everything into a drum. You LOVE your blanket and bite it when you're tired and getting cozy. You love making shadow puppets with your flashlight before going to bed. You love giving kisses, squeezes and nuzzling noses. You have started to say "I love you". You are just so cute that I can't stand it and just need to squeeze and kiss you and you pretty much always let me. As hard as it sometimes is to deal with you in all your pre-toddler angst, you are just so fun and such a little person and I love it. You are my little boy and I love you more than I ever thought possible.




Amy said...

As always so very cute!!! Our trick for nursery was candy. I didn't try it until he was 2 or so (after six months of hanging out in nursery with him), but now he gets a little piece of candy at the end of church if he stays. I don't know if you are ready to resort to bribery, but I was desperate.

Linda Perkes said...

I was happy to see another of your beautiful letters to Soren when I checked your blog tonight. I always enjoy reading them. Soren is a charmer, and your letters are a treasure.