Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt

Here's the first of a few Easter events we attended. Our friend Brittany put together an Easter Egg hunt for all the kids. Soren figured it out pretty quickly and I spent most of the time re-hiding eggs once he reached his quota. Luckily, he had no idea there was candy inside. (Sorry to the moms of the much more candy-savvy kids who found the jelly beans I quickly buried in the sand when Soren opened an egg.)

easter egg hunt

We also dyed Easter Eggs. He loved picking out different colors and dropping the eggs into the cups. He came out of it surprisingly clean.

(Thanks to Terese for this photo of Soren and me)

spw's eggs

His two little eggs were pretty cute. He was very proud of them and clearly quite excited to show them off.

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