Thursday, April 22, 2010

Patriots Day

On Monday we went out to Newton to cheer on the marathon runners at Mile 19. In years past, we've gone down to the finish line to soak in all the marathon fun and it hasn't been so fun. I sort of hate being in crowds- it just makes me really anxious and irritable. This year we opted to be a little further away from the action, and it was so, so much better.

When the first few runners started to show up, Soren thought it was pretty cool and clapped for them and yelled out "Go yellow!" (or whatever color their shirts were) He lost interest pretty quickly, but looked cute while it lasted.

Luckily we went with Soren's best babysitters, Ramie and Noah. He LOVES them and will spend hours and hours playing with them. They were great and played with Soren most of the time we were there.

Taking a break from all the playing to warm up and eat some licorice.

Tracie handed out all the orange slices while the rest of us sat there and heckled her when she dropped one. I'm of the opinion that the only way to participate in a marathon is sitting in a chair under a blanket eating candy, so this was perfect. We had a great time and will definitely do the marathon this way again.


ellen said...

I was 5 seconds from you! It's fun to see Tracie every year at Mile 19.

J I L L A I R E said...

I think I was at Mile 19 or 20 in 2000 when I ran a water station with my residents. I LOVE watching the marathon (as you already know). It inspires me. My friend joked: The first year you watch, you say, "This is so cool. I'm going to do that next year." The next year, from your chair, you say, "This is so cool. Once in my life I'm going to do this." The next year, as you eat your hot dog from your chair, you say, "This is so cool. I'm glad other people run marathons so I can do this."