Saturday, May 29, 2010

If you don't have downstairs neighbors I suggest going out and getting a pair

I was going to include these in the post about Soren's birthday party, but decided that they deserved a post all of their own.

Yes, this is Courtney cutting our grass in the backyard with a machete while Linda (or Quinn to most of the world) helps rake up the clippings. The night before the party I was talking to them about how I was annoyed that the grass was so long and had considered going out there with some scissors and giving it a trim. Courtney said she'd do it, but I was pretty sure she was joking. Then lo and behold the next morning I looked out the window and saw her out there with a pair of scissors trimming away. Logan upgraded her tool to a machete and it went a little faster. (What you don't have one in your home? You also don't have a battle axe? Weird...) I seriously almost started to cry when I saw her out there (but I should add that it had been a long morning and I was scrambling to get stuff done for the the party so may have been a little bit emotionally volatile.) Thanks Neighbors. Seriously.

PS: This is also photographic evidence to show just how close we are to the train tracks for those of you who haven't had the pleasure of seeing (or hearing) for yourself.


Aubrey said...

This is awesome! This just confirms that C&Q are amazing. Our neighbors just keep closing our gate, which is so annoying.

The Gorbott said...

it was no sweat (until courtney almost chopped her finger off. then she had to take a break)