Thursday, May 13, 2010

Letters to Soren: Month Twenty Four

Dear Soren,

Happy Birthday! I can't believe that you are already two! It seems like just yesterday that you were just a tiny little lump of a baby and now you're a real boy who's constantly on the go. Unfortunately you're getting over a cold and are working on your TWENTIETH tooth so your birthday was pretty miserable. However, despite being so uncomfortable, you seemed to almost get that it was your birthday and kept singing "Happy Birthday to Soren" and asking to open more presents.

You catch on to things so quickly and have a remarkable memory. You constantly amaze me at the things you can recall. We can do something at a specific place for a few minutes and if we get anywhere close to that place a few weeks later you'll remember it and start talking about what we did there. You recognize all your letters and numbers and have started to sort of get that letters make sounds but are a long way from knowing which letter makes what sound. You will walk around saying things like "mmm mmm mmm train" or "buh buh buh cat". Very cute, but hopefully not permanent. And hopefully it won't make you develop a stutter.

You are finally starting to get more social with other children. For a long time you would freeze up and collapse to the ground when another kid approached you at the park but now you at least keep your cool and occasionally interact with them. You have little friends that you talk about all the time and get excited to see at play group and nursery. Speaking of nursery, I'm proud to report that you have been going to nursery like a pro for a little more than a month. You get so excited to play with "the kids" and the toys. It is so cute to see you run around and play with other kids.

You are so charming and cute. You do funny little things like looking down at yours hands in confusion when I told you that you were handsome. Or pointing to your arm and saying "skin?" when your dad said that you were skinny. Or laughing when you saw that your dad shaved his beard and asking "Where go scratchy?" as you rubbed his cheeks. Stuff like that happens all the time and you just crack us up. I love that you can communicate pretty much everything you need and understand what we tell you. It makes life so much easier. I love that I can tell you to go in your room and get your shoes and you totally will.

You say "bless you mama" when I sneeze and "sorry mama" when you bump into me. You say please and thank you. You make sound effects when you play with your toys. You put your hand up to your ear when you hear things and say "hear airplane?" (or whatever it is you're hearing). You are such a little person and I love it.

Along with all these wonderful things you do, you are still a two year old and remind us all the time. You throw tantrums and scream- both for fun and in frustration. You are constantly saying food is "too big" or "too yucky" and things are "too itchy" or "too hurt". You also have become more clingy and are always asking to "hold you momma", which I have to admit melts my heart when you just want to come sit on my lap, not so much when I'm cooking dinner and you're tugging on my leg. But as far as toddlers go, I think you're pretty great and I know it could be way, way worse.

This will probably be the last one for now, but I have really enjoyed writing these letters. They have been such a wonderful way for me to document these last two monumental years. I already treasure them and I hope that you will enjoy reading them when you're all grown up. If they capture even a tiny bit of the joy and love that I get as your mother, then they have been well worth it. I hope that you are able to look back at these and get a glimpse into the way you have shaped my life. You are my first child and I will always love you for making me a mother.




Terese said...

What a guy that Soren is!I LOVE that he looks at his hands when you say handsome! He is so smart. I need to step it up with teaching Charlie those letters and numbers! It's so fun to see Soren grow. I hope Charlie and him can be good pals. Soren's a good influence. :) Happy birthday!

Linda Perkes said...

I have cherished the opportunity to read your letters to Soren. You are gifted -- both in being a mother and in writing about it. Thank you for sharing these times and these reflections.
I love you,