Monday, June 14, 2010

Beach Days

One of the reasons why I love living where we do: city beaches. We’ve had three beach days recently, two to Revere Beach and one to Castle Island. Soren likes the beach, but not so much the water. It is one of the many things he’s scared of lately. Here’s some shots from our second trip to Revere.

Here’s Soren’s biggest fan, Charlotte. They spent a big chunk of time playing in a couple of holes our friends dug for them. It was pretty dang cute.

She LOVES him and gets so, so excited whenever he’s around. Sometimes she just has to reach out and touch him whenever he dares get close enough. She could hardly contain herself seeing him in his sweet shades. The two of them make quite the little screaming duo.


logan said...

And yes, he leaves the glasses on without any fussing, he understands that he needs protection for his Scandinavian blue eyes.

Aubrey said...

Soren is a celebrity in our house.

Linda Perkes said...

Cute! I love the kite photos especially.