Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boston Children's Museum

We decided to take advantage of all the free time we’ve had lately to finally go to the Boston Children’s Museum so Soren could make his pilgrimage to the Curious George Exhibit before it was gone. Soren was a big fan and has been talking about riding the orange train and going to the “Museum Park” ever sense. The museum was pretty cool and Soren could easily spend all day in each exhibit. In addition to the George exhibit, they also had a Peep exhibit, another one of his favorite shows so Soren was pretty much in heaven.

Here he is with all the main characters of Peep- Peep, Quack and Chirp. He’s giving Quack a big hug- love the face.

The Curious George Exhibit did not disappoint either. They had pretty much every character he knows and loves. It was like a little Curious George city all scaled down to toddler size.

They had lots of other cool exhibits, all of which Soren loved.

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