Saturday, June 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Soren

We had a little gathering for Soren’s birthday a couple weeks ago. Nothing too elaborate; just a handful of friends and a few different kinds of cupcakes.

Soren’s a big fan of owls lately so I made him these adorable little cupcakes from Hello, Cupcake.

I also did some with dinosaur fruit snacks. A much, much simpler solution than the many ridiculous ideas I had for crafting edible dinosaurs before I realized that some factory already did that for me. (The ideas ranged from cutting Laffy Taffy with an exact-o to shaping softened Starburst.)

Thanks to the many hands that helped me frantically assemble them after the party started. Soren loved them and now asks for an owl cupcake, dinosaur cupcake or a Happy Birthday Soren cupcake every time we are in the back yard. Thanks to all those who came to celebrate our little boy. I am often touched by how much all our friends love Soren almost as much as we do. Even those (or maybe especially those) without kids of their own. But I guess I can’t really blame them since he is pretty incredible.

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