Friday, July 9, 2010

Soren's Curtains

I couple months ago I made some curtains for Soren's room since we've been using a fleece blanket stapled to his window frame for more than a year. Classy, no?

When we want to open his "curtain" we tied it back with the string for the blinds. Kind of a hassle.

I made them out of outdoor tablecloths that I got for a great price at Home Goods. They were almost exactly the size I needed so I didn't need to hem the edges. I lined them with blackout fabric and they don't block as much light as the blanket did, but they look a little bit better. There is some weird bunching going on at the bottom and I forgot to take a photo before we put in his AC, so just ignore that.

I have many more projects in the works including a quiet book for Soren, fixing my orange chair that Soren has totally destroyed, recovered our Poang and recovered a cool small armchair that I found on the sidewalk yesterday and lugged home while also pushing the stroller. Hopefully I've get some of those finished in the near future.

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