Saturday, August 14, 2010


We went to Washington to see all of Logan's family and had a great time. Did lots of fun things. Maybe one day I'll post some pictures.

While in Washington we spent an hour or so in Portland and pretty much fell in love. It moved up on our very short list of cities we could stomach. (No, we are not planning to move anytime soon.)

I've been recovering a chair that I found on the side of the road. It looks great and I'm really happy with it. SO much easier than the last chair I did. (And much, much cheaper.) Pictures to come soon.

I hate running, but have always wished I liked it. Having not run since I did a 1 mile Run for Education in 5th grade, I decided to run a 10K in October with a boatload of friends. Three weeks into my training, I'm enjoying running much more, but my body is resisting and I have major shin splints. There has been more ice packs and Advil than running this week but I ordered some fancy new shoes that I hope will help. Fingers crossed that I can get back on the road and become a glorious gazelle by October.

In Littlest Wangsgard News:

Soren's been a bottomless pit and sleeping past 9 most mornings. I'm pretty sure a growth spurt is on the horizon. Or he really is 14.

Speaking of Soren and eating, due to the encouragement of one of his parents (you get one guess as to which one...) Soren has started to refer to french fries as freedom fries. Very funny and cute, but sort of disturbing if he keeps it up.

Soren's been to Home Depot maybe twice in the last year but for some reason has started to point to random words or signs and tell me that they say "Home Depot".

We've started to test the waters of potty training. He's peed in the toilet twice, but that's it. Not sure he's ready although the internet seems to say that he is.

In other toddler milestones, he's been having nightmares. He woke up in the middle of the night saying "Where are you momma?" Pretty much broke my heart to pieces.

That's about it. Hope to get back to regular blog posting soon.
(Don't hold your breath.)

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Amy said...

Go Katie!! I'm rooting for you on the 10k!! I'm so glad you gave running a try!

I also really love the city of Portland. Unfortunately I love the sun also. But I totally want you guys to move there. You would be driveably away, and I think portland would be an easy sell on Mom and Dad, and I'm all for family consolidation. I'm starting job hunting for Logan there. What kind of work am I looking for? I'll use all my spare time looking. Oh wait. There isn't any. Oh well. Still. Please move there.