Monday, September 20, 2010


We went to some friends' wedding on Saturday. So perfect and wonderful. Amazing location, crazy delicious food, lawn games (Seriously, lawn games at a wedding? Brilliant idea!) and lots of fun. We're very happy for them, but the best part may have been getting dressed up and being able to spend 4 hours feeling pretty without having a two year old pulling on my necklace/arm/skirt/shirt/leg.

Made a double batch of this yesterday, one for a church potluck, one of our dinner today. I should pre-make dinner for Monday night more often. I've never felt so liberated. Although now I have no excuses for ignoring the mountain of laundry looming over me. I sorted it into SEVEN loads. For those keeping track, that's roughly 36 flights of stairs and 98 quarters.

Went to Toddler Time this morning. The letter of the day was B so they all brought their favorite bears or babies. We brought Stokes, of course. He was a excellent bike trailer companion for Soren.

After Toddler Time we fed the pigeons some old bagels. Our upstairs neighbor frequently feeds them old hard-boiled eggs, which totally weirds me out for some reason. So I decided to give them something a little more nutritious (they were whole wheat) and a little less disturbing to wash down the eggs.

I've been watching Season 1 of Veronica Mars again. Such a good show. Such unfortunate hair on V Mars the first couple episodes. But Wallace and Mac still hold special places in my heart and the theme song is just incredible. Watching it makes me think of all the friends who we've realized are closet V Mars fans over the years. (You know who you are.)

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Marian said...

I showed this to the first Stokes and she loved it. She wants you to visit as much as we do.