Friday, September 17, 2010

On The Up and Up

I feel like my life blog has been a bit of a anxiety-ridden downer lately, so here are some happier thoughts of a couple things that have helped me have a much better week:

Fall weather that brings three of my favorite things: scarves, cardigans and lots of baking.

A son who says "I want some goat cheese please" when given a Saltine.

A rainy morning to spend inside working on my to do list that I've ignored all week so I could do fun things with Soren each day.

Going to bed with a clean kitchen each night.

Starting to gather components for our Halloween costumes. (Yes, I am aware that it is only September 17th but we take Halloween pretty seriously around here.)

Realizing my brother comes home from his mission in three weeks.

Meeting Logan for lunch and getting to spend an hour in a beautiful place eating tasty food and watching our son play happily with sticks and dirt.

Here's to an even better one next week.


Gwen said...

isn't it amazing how blissful life can be sometimes? and how really terrible it can also be?

i seriously love the fall, and hope to consume some of your baking ;)

anna said...

I am glad you had a better week. I think my life, I mean my blog has been an anxiety-ridden downer for the past year or so :) I wish we lived closer so I could come over, eat some goat cheese with Soren and have some of your baked goods.

Amy said...

Good to hear there's some good going on too!! I have been a little worried for you lately (but I guess not enough to call...). We already are thinking about halloween too. Despite shameless pleading, I have not put up halloween decorations yet. But Ethan did have a good idea for Tanner's costume: a planet. So, I'm getting excited for actual execution, which probably should have actually started, since I have at LEAST four costumes to do this year, and I refuse to compromise on any.