Monday, October 11, 2010

Complete a 10K? Check.

Today was the Tufts 10K which I ran with a group of lovely ladies that I've been training with for a few months. Here are most of us before the race, looking all bright-eyed and bushy tailed, ready to run. When we were doing our pre-race stretching a college newspaper reporter approached a few of us and asked a couple of questions. So this may be my 15 minutes of fame. If the article is posted online, I'll link to it on here. (But I wouldn't count on it.)

Here I am, crossing the finish line. My official time was 1:14:18 (5,256th place baby!) My goal was not to throw up and to finish when most of the people around me were running and not walking. Which I did, so I consider it a success.

At the finish line with my running buddy Bonnie who did lots of gym swaps and runs with me and who walked with me whenever I felt like I was about to puke or stop breathing. (Which was a lot.)

And my husband who has diligently supported me in my three month running career.

My biggest fan, who told me this morning that I wasn't going to win the race. (Thanks, son.) He was very excited to see me and gave me lots of kisses (and funny faces) at the finish line.

Here is some of our group after the race.

I'm not going to lie. It was hard and I didn't really love it as much as I hoped. I was counting on some race magic to kick in and give me a power I didn't know I had and that never happened. But I am really glad that I did it and will keep running in hopes that I will continue to get better. My next goal is to run all of a 5K. I am pretty sure this is the longest I've stuck with something that I wasn't naturally good at. I have a tendency to only do things that I immediatly excel in and to quit things that are hard. I guess that means that I'm finally an adult. Or something.

So to sum up, I have really great friends who push me to do things I never thought I'd do, let alone have the desire to do. I did something really hard for me and even though it wasn't a magical experience, I am glad that I did it and will probably do it again. If nothing else, I got a shirt and lots of free snacks at the end.


anna said...

Kate, what an overachiever you are. Quite impressive. I especially enjoyed your honest report of the experience. And I can totally relate to quitting stuff that isn't easy. I consider mothering my 10K because I am pretty sure it is not something I am naturally good at and yet I keep trying.

Sweet shirt by the way. Did I ever tell you about the time I paid to run a race, slept in instead, but still showed up at the end to get my shirt. Clarke made fun of me a lot for that one. I really liked that shirt though,

Congratulations again.

Bonnie said...

So what I think you're saying is: "Next up Charades". Right? I'm really proud of us!

Aubrey said...

Well said. It was an adventure - that's for sure.

Linda said...

Impressive! I keep thinking that the running bug will hit me, but nope, hate it every time. I'm impressed you stuck with it. Great job!

J I L L A I R E said...
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J I L L A I R E said...

I totally get you on this. Damon and I used to run around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir early in the morning, but I never enjoyed it. I did it faithfully without ever having those endorphins kick in. I can see how you might expect that race "magic." Too bad it didn't hit. Good for you for keeping at it. I just don't like running. I'm going to pursue a bit of swimming next as a friend and are going to swim across the Columbia River next Labor Day. For real!!

Marian said...

Well done Kate! I love to run but my body has never liked it. I too quit hard things. I realized I was an adult when I was finally more excited about what I gave me kids for Christmas than what I thought I might get. Nice report.

Amberli said...

good girl! so proud of you! kiss charles for me the next time you go running along side him!

PS - the donigard party - IMPRESSIVE!!! sad to miss it!