Saturday, October 23, 2010

High Fives All Around!

It's official. Logan is gainfully employed as of yesterday. By a small academic institution you may have heard of. (Hint: It rhymes with Garvard.)

35 hour work week? Check.
Union job with boat loads more job security than his last job? Check.
An office to call his own? Check.
A better commute? Check.
A job he enjoys? Check.
And, I may as well just go there, a lot more money? Check.

Way to go Logan. I think this is going to turn out real nice. And that's not just the seven months of unemployment speaking.


Lisa H. said...

hurray! i'm so happy for you two. well deserved, logan and kate! maybe now you should think about naming your second child harvard.

Gwen said...

congrats!! you work so close! everyone near harvard should have lunch to celebrate next week!!

Daniel Hadley said...

Haverford? Seriously, that is sweet! I want an office, a 35 hr work week and union security. Congrats!

Barry said...

Jealous! (Creepy eyed nosebleed girl)

Amy said...

Yay! I'm happy to hear it is official!

Bonnie said...

So you're taking us out to dinner when?? Oh right, I mean we should take you out. You've earned it. I guess Logan can come too.

Seriously, Congrats.

The Katy Daileys said...

That is great news! Congratulations!

Linda Perkes said...

Excellent news! Congrats on the great job and congrats for weathering the storm well : )