Monday, October 18, 2010

The Softer Side of Soren

Just to show that its not all shouting around here, this is Soren's first "recognizable" drawing, a self portrait. He was so proud of it so I hung it on the fridge. He was quite concerned this morning when he noticed that the magnet holding it up had slid down and said, "Hey! There's a magnet on my face!"

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Gwen said...

i guess i wonder if soren really sees himself that way. i remember when i was young, i could never color or draw pictures of myself or people because they never turned out "right," or realistic enough for me. as a result i usually just ended up quitting anything related to art b/c it was too hard to get a perfect drawing. now i realize that is crazy talk. i hope soren is adventurous enough to keep making art, and to keep screaming like an adorable little rocker.