Sunday, October 17, 2010

This is the only way I can tolerate Logan's music. Smooth move, husband.

Soren's hardcore career has taken a big step up from this to this:

To get the full effect:


Check out that smile at the end. He's going to make a charming front man for a ridiculous band one day. The ladies don't stand a chance.


Daniel Hadley said...

At least he doesn't like Country music. Or, worse still, ICP.

logan said...

It's too bad the video is so short, because he'll do this over and over during a song with me, while we're doing some hardcore dancing and bringing the mosh! What a guy.

Peter said...

this is amazing!

Peter said...

this is amazing!

Marian said...

Not a fan of the music either. The video was just right, I think.