Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Family Photos

We had our friend Terese of Teaplant Photography take some photos of us last week. Check out her blog for a few other photos. Soren was doing a goofy fake smile most of the time so I'm impressed that she was able to get a lot with him not looking totally ridiculous. Here are some of my favorites.

You may also notice that these are the first photographic evidence of my new hair cut. I have caught the short hair bug and it just keeps getting shorter each time I get it cut. I can't stop.

Thanks again for putting up with our robotic family Terese. We love the photos.


mrs. everything said...

I love these photos. Goofy smile and all!
How about you shave your head with me this summer?
You've got some time to think about it.

ellen said...

The photos are wonderful!

Marian said...

Great photos! You are all so cute. Logan, I think I used to have that sweater. Looks better on you.

Ken and Jen Perkes said...

Who is that good-looking boy that we hardly recognize!? My goodness, Soren is growing up so fast! Let's get together SOON!


Ken and Jen Perkes said...

And YOUR hair . . . or lack thereof! When did this happen?!

You look BEAUTIFUL, Katie!

Logan--amazingly--is the only one who has stayed the same! What is going on?!!!