Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Reader Request: More Costume Photos!

I've been asked for a close-up and details of our Halloween costumes. Here they are (after the jump)


Picture 3

Picture 5_2

For my Peter Pan costume:
I made the hat out of two pieces of green felt. It was surprisingly hard to find a pattern or tutorial for a Peter Pan hat so I just eyeballed it and was really happy with how it turned out. There's a red feather on the side but all the pictures hide it. My top is just a large t-shirt that I cut up to look all Peter Pan-y. I borrowed the belt from a friend. The leggings were purchased at Wet Seal for a few dollars. The shoes were borrowed from a friend. I also had a dagger (which you can't see in the photos) that I got at Dollar Tree.

For Soren's pirate costume:
Since we knew Soren would be going to bed soon after the party started we didn't really put any effort into his costume but it turned out perfect for what we needed and he even wore it again for Toddler Time. He already had the hat, it was a gift from Bonnie before one of our flights last summer. The shirt I bought, but would have bought anyway for him so it was just an added bonus that it was perfect for a pirate costume. The belt came with Logan's Captain Hook jacket. The pants were some old ones that never fit him right so I just cut them off at the bottom. The sword was purchased from Dollar Tree and broke the day after we got it so it is taped together with packaging tape.

For Logan's Captain Hook costume:
Once again, Logan was the crown jewel of our family costumes. I almost think it turned out too good so it looked like we just bought the whole thing. His hat was purchased at a costume store for a few dollars. I think it was supposed to be a Musketeer hat, but it worked great especially once I added the white feather I got at the fabric store. The wig was also purchased at a costume store. It was a Howard Stern wig but was perfect for Captain Hook. (I think they'd probably sell more of them if they packaged it as a Captain Hook wig. Who wants to be Howard Stern?) The mustache was all Logan. He grew a beard for about a month and then just shaved the rest of it off that morning. I found the shirt at Marshall's in the clearance section. No, not the pirate section. This is a real shirt manufactured for women who are not pirates complete with frilly wrist cuffs. No wonder it was in the clearance section at Marshall's. The inside belt was a Good Will find and the outside sash/belt was borrowed. The coat was the best part of the costume and really made the whole thing. We found a red woman's coat at the thrift store and I sewed on all the embellishments. I replaced all the buttons with the fancy gold ones and sewed gold ribbon and gold and black rope onto the cuffs, put a wide gold Christmas ribbon on the bottom cuff and put more gold and black rope onto the shoulders. It all worked so perfectly. The hook was just the dough hook from my Kitchen Aid stuck inside a black sock. I actually bought a pirate hook at Dollar Tree but it got misplaced in my frantic cleaning right before the party and so Logan had to use the dough hook instead. But he said it actually worked better than the Dollar Tree one so it was all okay. The sword was bought at a costume store. The pants (which are just tucked up) and shoes were ones Logan already had.

That's it. Probably our easiest (and cheapest) costumes yet, but I was totally happy with how they turned out.

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Marian said...

If I ever get invited to your Halloween party you have to do my costume. You are amazing! Would your friends understand how cool your mother-in-law is and let me come to the party?