Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And... we're back!

Since last we spoke, Soren turned 2 1/2, I turned 27 and we've been to California and back to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Other than the two worst travel days of my life, we had a wonderful trip. Soren won the Traveling Toddler of the Year Award for happily making it through a delayed flight, a FIVE HOUR layover in LAX before a red eye to Chicago, another layover, then a flight to Boston without shedding a tear. It totally made up for when he put a googly eye in his ear in California. (Ok, lets face it, that was pretty funny and I tried very hard not to laugh when retrieving it with tweezers.)

I'm working through the 350 photos I took (which included a Perkes family photo session) on top of editing some photos from a shoot I did for a friend. So it may take me a couple days to things back on track, but it'll happen soon. Stand by.


logan said...

You forgot to mention that we had to take the computer in for repairs to the display, and thus you couldn't have posted much anyway. Nice to have that back, and to be back!

Kate Wangsgard said...

Right, what Logan said.

Marian said...

How much did Logan cry about the delays?