Monday, December 6, 2010

California Knows How To Party

I love going on vacation because it gives you a chance to do all sorts of things that you can't do at home. Like apple picking:

And throwing lots of rocks on chilly beaches:

Oh, wait... we can do those things where we live. Just kidding. It was wonderful. And even though we did a couple things we can do at home we did them with my whole family. Not much sweeter than seeing my family play with Soren. This is a deceptively treacherous picture. My parents were not taking their darling grandsons along a narrow, rocky cliff. It was a very wide rocky cliff.

There was lots of dressing up with cousins too. Here Soren is a rattle snake and Carter is Batman.

A porcupine (or pokey-pine as Soren calls it):

And a crocodile:

I think Soren needs some dress up clothes. He had a blast. He wore that porcupine costume for a couple hours.

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