Monday, December 27, 2010

Totally addicted.

Have you tried Etsy Taste Test? You click on stuff you like and they will find similar items that you'll love. Such a good idea and it is so, so fun to make your selections and see what they come up with. Here's a sampling of what they found for me. The acorn necklace is what Logan/Soren got for me for Christmas and I think I am going to marry that herringbone bag.



Aubrey said...

I am addicted too and am sure our credit card bill will only go up. I thank you for showing this, but Stuart might not.

Marian said...

I could marry that bag as well! Actually, there isn't much on your post I wouldn't love. Sure wish I wasn't trying to get rid of stuff I'd buy it all.

Amberli said...

fun! these are all darling and they all totally look like you!