Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Snow!

It's snowing like crazy again today and since we're stuck inside, I thought I'd finally post about our last snow day.

Soren loves the snow and has so much fun playing in it. He's so patient as he just keeps tripping and falling over. A foot of snow is a pretty big deal to walk in when you're only 3 feet tall and wearing tons of layers.

Who needs a hill when the courthouse steps are just down the street? Logan did it first and I was way too scared to, but after Soren did it (from half way up) I decided I could handle it. This was my second roll. You are crazy dizzy afterwards, but so worth it.

The next day Soren and I headed back outside and built a snow fort. I used a board and a lawn chair. I admit that it is totally cheating (and a little bit trashy) but so, so much easier and you know the Eskimos would use stuff like that too if they had them around.

Peeking out of the lawn chair tunnel:

Stuff like this totally makes the crazy winters worth it.
(Remind me I said that in March.)

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Marian said...

Looks like tons of fun!