Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ring out wild bells to the wild sky

As the new year approached I had many "resolutions" floating around in my head. Some big, some little. Some that excited me and some that scared me. They range from taking vitamins, to getting Soren potty trained. I haven't felt the need to write them down since I've never done well with any lists of resolutions in the past. So I'm just going to let them keep floating around in hopes that they will inspire me to have a year of positive growth and change.

Twenty-ten was full of lots of highs and lows but I'm happy to show it the door. Here's to a lovely 2011. I have a feeling it will be a wonderful and exciting year.

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Marian said...

I never write down my resolutions. I hate to fail. But I too have a few things floating around in my head. Let me know how you do and I'll try to be as successful as you are sure to be. Doesn't 2011 seem hard to say?