Sunday, February 13, 2011

AB Update

A little update for those who are wondering what's going on with the cat. Thanks to all the leg work done by Eunice, a local shelter agreed to take her in. We took her to the vet to get examined and spayed (on the shelter's dime) and she was given a clean bill of health other than her paw pads, which were severely damaged from exposure. The skin had all fallen off from frostbite so the vet suggested that she should be in a foster home for a couple weeks to fully recover before going to the shelter to be adopted. We gladly agreed to take her during her recovery so we will have her for about another week until she is in tip top shape and ready to find a permanent home.

I think Soren has said "Hi Cat" hundreds of times in the last few days and we're all pretty much in love with this sweet little kitty. She's recovering quickly and we'll be sad to see her go, but know that a permanent pet just isn't for us right now and hope that she'll get adopted quickly once she's up for it.

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eunice said...

What a lucky little kitty! What adorable little window watchers!